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Precious Pearls

November 30, 2009 Posted by: admin

There is a lot of documentation about buying pearls and little about caring for them. If you spend couple of thousand dollars on the gemstones, you might as well learn […]

Online Luxury Watch Shopping

November 29, 2009 Posted by: admin

Luxury watches are some of the jewellery pieces most men would like to own, but their budgets and financial commitments don’t allow them. It could also be perhaps they don’t […]

Of Watches and Luxury

November 28, 2009 Posted by: admin

Even with the recent attempts of mobile phones and portable media gadgets to eliminate the need for a stand alone watch, they have not succeeded as having a watch, especially […]

Men’s titanium Rings

November 27, 2009 Posted by: admin

Out of the many rings in the market for men, some of the more common ones are titanium made. The beauty with titanium is that even in its raw form […]

Men’s Rings

November 26, 2009 Posted by: admin

Men’s rings are among the few accessories that the modern man can be proud of having since the list is usually a very short one. And since that is the […]

Men’s luxury watches

November 25, 2009 Posted by: admin

There are few accessories that a suited up man can explore and one of the obvious is the watch.  It’s more than just a timepiece and that’s why most men […]

Men’s Diamond Rings

November 24, 2009 Posted by: admin

A good handful of men do shy away from wearing rings with the belief that they are reserved for the feminine niche only. But for the modern man, this is […]

Men’s and Women’s Luxury Watches

November 23, 2009 Posted by: admin

As abundant as luxury watches are in the market, you should know that there are significant differences in the designs. For instance, men’s watches are bulky and have the forward […]

Luxury Women’s Watches- an Everyday Gift

November 22, 2009 Posted by: admin

When you are a man, it is sometimes hard to pick out a gift especially when the occasion has no specific gift rules. One of those timely once which go […]

Luxury Watches the best

November 21, 2009 Posted by: admin

There are different watches in the market with different price tags. But if you want bang for buck, then you need to go and buy a luxury watch. Sure there […]